The Synergy of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence

In a world that’s increasingly defined by technological innovation, two remarkable forces stand out as catalysts for change: blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI). These transformative technologies are reshaping industries, revolutionizing processes, and unlocking new possibilities for businesses worldwide.

Merkezsis Interview with Hagia

We are in Istanbul. Sedat Boynue─čri, the founder of Hagia Project, is answering our questions. The topic is clear: NFT.

Hagia Interview with Turkish TV Channel TRT

Digital artist Sedat Boynue─čri blends traditional Turkish motifs with technology, converting them into the rising trend of recent times, NFTs. His goal is to extract unique motifs from all 81 provinces and introduce them to the world.

First NFT Gallery in Turkey was on CNN!

Painting, sculpture, performance arts, and digital arts came together for the first time on the same platform with Art Hub McArt.Ist. The platform, where the works of dozens of artists are exhibited, offers new opportunities to artists. The gallery, where artworks from all over Turkey are displayed, is also Turkey’s first digital art gallery.

Turkey`s The Ancient City of Zeugma Recreated in the Metaverse

The intersection of history and technology is a place of boundless wonder, and Turkey’s rich cultural heritage is no exception to this digital evolution. In a visionary move, the ancient city of Zeugma, nestled in the southeastern Gaziantep province, is taking its first steps into the metaverse, offering a glimpse into the past that was once buried in the annals of time.