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We have collaborated to experiment with our vision on a physical piece. The inspiration behind our collaboration is a combination of the "Ankara" myth with empowerment and lifestyle. We combined the “eye” of ZZA with digital effect to empower outsiders, aliens, and dreamers. These people know that They’ll judge, hate, and shame them but in the end “they’ll look at”. Why did we do this? We believe that empowerment is an elastic term and is subject to change by individual, discipline, and location but the core value of empowerment is to bring contracting and conflicting values to work or live smoothly and peacefully. History tends to look upon the people who are trying to give more and more flowers to the world. Also, it shames people who are trying to focus on similarities of cross-encounters rather than differences. These people are the “artists" of society but they seemed strange and outsider. These eyes though not only represent the pressure we take on when we collide the worlds but also our motivation to get even further and gain more attention of more eyes. One day they will see the world in the eyes of ours.