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A timeless art form that has stood the test of time. From ancient Mesatopia to the present day, the allure of creating images by piecing together small, vibrant shards of stone, glass, and other materials has never waned. And with this collection, we pay homage to our artistic forebears by presenting an exclusive selection of 5 mosaics from Istanbul, Burdur, Antakya, and the ancient city of Babylon. We've fused modern techniques with traditional methods to breathe new life into these masterpieces, creating illustrations that exude detail and uniqueness in every "line." Experience the rich history and beauty of mosaics like never before.


At Rafflegraphy, our vision is to provide a platform that celebrates and gives exposure to hard-working photographers in the NFT Art space. We believe in the importance of equal opportunity but we strongly believe that hard work should be rewarded and talent should be given the recognition it deserves. That’s why we’re launching our raffle to find, explore and promote emerging photographers. We want to help these talented artists get the appreciation they deserve while helping established photographers find new opportunities. With our limited edition NFTs, we hope to create a snowball effect that will give visibility and success to all photographers involved. Our goal is to make sure everyone in our community will have the chance to shine and be rewarded for their hard work and creativity.