February 2024
Tech Stack:
Data Analysis Tools, Biotechnology Research Software

A Vision for Interdisciplinary Breakthrough

In an era where interdisciplinary research can lead to groundbreaking discoveries, Hagia embarked on an ambitious project to fuse brand data with microbial morphology datasets. This initiative aimed to explore new frontiers at the intersection of branding and biological sciences.


Unveiling New Insights

The fusion of these distinct datasets unlocked a treasure trove of insights, offering novel perspectives on brand perception and microbial behavior. This innovative approach demonstrated the untapped potential of combining datasets from vastly different fields to yield unique discoveries.


A Catalyst for Cross-Disciplinary Innovation

Presented at Brandweek Istanbul, this project not only captivated audiences but also set a precedent for future interdisciplinary research. It showcased Hagia’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible, bridging the gap between branding expertise and scientific inquiry.


Collaborating Across Fields

The success of this project was amplified by strategic collaborations with experts in both branding and biotechnology. These partnerships enriched the research, blending diverse expertise to explore uncharted territories in both disciplines.