In a groundbreaking project for Sabancı Holding, Hagia utilized advanced AI technology to recreate the voice and wisdom of Sakıp Sabancı. By synthesizing his speeches and writings, we delivered a lifelike tribute at his 20th anniversary memorial, demonstrating the powerful intersection of technology and human legacy.
Sabancı Holding
Tech Stack:
LLM Models , Few Shot Learning , Python

At Hagia, we continuously strive to push the boundaries of innovation, merging technology with heartfelt human experiences. Our recent collaboration with Sabancı Holding exemplifies this mission perfectly. As part of the 20th anniversary memorial ceremonies for Sakıp Sabancı, we embarked on a project that combined artificial intelligence with the essence of Sabancı’s legacy, creating an unforgettable tribute.

Bringing Sakıp Sabancı’s Voice to Life

Project Goal: Our primary aim was to honor Sakıp Sabancı in a way that was both deeply personal and technologically groundbreaking. We sought to create a digital speech that would resonate with his unique voice and wisdom.


  1. Comprehensive Data Collection: We began by gathering an extensive collection of Sakıp Sabancı’s writings, speeches, and published works. This allowed us to develop a rich dataset that captured his thoughts and expressions.
  2. Voice Synthesis: Using advanced AI voice modeling, we trained a model to accurately replicate the nuances and tonal quality of Sakıp Sabancı’s voice. This involved meticulous adjustments to ensure authenticity.
  3. Speech Integration: The final step was to seamlessly combine the textual data with the voice model. This allowed us to generate a speech that not only sounded like Sabancı but also conveyed his message with the intended emotional impact.

The Impact of Our Work

During the memorial event, attendees were moved by the realistic and poignant speech delivered by the AI-generated voice of Sakıp Sabancı. This project demonstrated the powerful potential of AI to preserve and celebrate the legacies of influential individuals, creating a bridge between past and present.

Media Coverage

Our innovative tribute received significant attention from various media outlets, showcasing how technology can be used to honor and remember influential figures. Below are some of the articles and videos covering this project:


This project is a testament to Hagia’s commitment to leveraging AI for creative and meaningful applications. By bringing Sakıp Sabancı’s voice to life, we not only honored his memory but also set a precedent for how technology can be used to create deeply personal experiences. We are proud of our work and excited to continue exploring new frontiers in AI-driven innovation.