Arçelik & Hayat Kimya in collaboration with Conscious Lab
July 2023
Tech Stack:
Python, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Data Visualization Tools

A Vision for Enhanced Customer Insight

In the fast-paced world of consumer goods, understanding the nuanced voices of customers across regions presented a significant challenge. “Voice of Customer,” a collaboration between Hagia and Conscious Lab, was crafted to transcend traditional feedback mechanisms, offering a comprehensive view into the heart of customer sentiment.


A Symphony of Data and Insight

Harnessing the power of advanced data scraping and Natural Language Processing (NLP), this project elegantly navigated the vast sea of customer feedback, turning raw data into actionable insights. Serving industry giants like Arçelik and Hayat Kimya, it became a beacon of innovation in customer relationship management.


Transforming Feedback into Strategy

By synthesizing feedback from diverse regions, “Voice of Customer” not only illuminated prevailing customer sentiments but also charted a path for product innovation and enhancement. This strategic alchemy of data and insight marked a new dawn in customer-centric strategy.


A Confluence of Technology and Vision

The project’s success was underpinned by a vibrant collaboration with tech and industry partners, establishing a new standard for customer insight tools. Through this dynamic ecosystem, “Voice of Customer” achieved a profound impact, shaping product strategies with unmatched precision.