Digital artist Sedat Boynueğri blends traditional Turkish motifs with technology, converting them into the rising trend of recent times, NFTs. His goal is to extract unique motifs from all 81 provinces and introduce them to the world.


September 13, 2023


Sedat Boynueğri received his education in the United States and the United Kingdom. Approximately one year ago, upon returning to Turkey, he began to closely examine traditional Turkish motifs. His fascination with traditional motifs actually began during his childhood, as he took an interest in the patterns on his grandmother’s rugs. After returning to Turkey, he worked alongside a rug weaver at Ankara Castle for about 5 months. This was the start of the process of digitizing these motifs. Digital artist Sedat Boynueğri shared his work with TRT Haber:

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“I can define NFT Art as a sales channel, a showcasing platform, and an exhibition platform for artists who create art digitally. A photographer can take a photo and convert it into an NFT. Similarly, individuals like us who work with digital art can tokenize their animations. After experiencing life in the United States, the United Kingdom, and then here in Turkey, I realized that there needed to be a connection between these two worlds—the digital world and the traditional world. We were more immersed in technology over there. When we came here, I began to question traditional arts and the beautiful motifs we saw around us. I worked with a rug weaver at Ankara Castle for approximately 5 months, and I learned about Anatolian motifs alongside him. Initially, we created my grandmother’s rug. We attempted to play with the patterns on it and sought inspiration from Mevlana.”

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