We are in Istanbul. Sedat Boynue─čri, the founder of Hagia Project, is answering our questions. The topic is clear: NFT.


September 13, 2023


Sedat, what is NFT not?

“NFT is not ‘I bought it for one and sold it for ten.’ It’s not about constantly flipping and asking, ‘How much money will I make from this?’ It’s not like bargaining in the Grand Bazaar. NFT is, in fact, an innovative technology with many different potential uses.”

How were the seeds of Hagia planted, how did the project develop, and what are the goals?

“The seeds of Hagia were sown during a period when I was questioning the difference between entrepreneurship and artistry. While studying in the United States, I noticed similarities between my art history professors and my professors in the School of Business. Afterward, I returned to Turkey after receiving an education and working in London. I began to think deeply about storytelling and abstract thinking.

One day, I noticed a rug in my room, and the symbols and characters caught my attention. I had the idea to translate this into the digital world. Shortly after, I started working in a rug workshop for about four to five months… and there, I learned motifs that I wanted to translate into 3D. I formed a team for this purpose. We started as a team of two and now we are a team of eight. We work both in Turkey and Italy.”

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